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Welcome. Founded by principal Tom Davis, Brand Focus LLC is a strategic marketing and creative communications practice that packs considerable expertise and brand transforming capabilities into every client engagement.

Here, brand focus means brand strategy first. Business and market intelligence. Smart strategic positioning. Crisp, relevant messaging. Consistent brand design. It’s a process that has guided Tom—and an enviable roster of clients—for decades. One that has also resulted in ReBrand100 Global Award recognition—for strategic and creative brand transformation internationally—four times since 2003.

Working with companies such as Alere, Bose, Cambridge Associates, Fidelity Investments, Phillips Screw Company, Reebok International, Siemens Medical, SolidWorks, Unidine and others long ago instilled the need to think big. That belief—combined with steadfast focus on client success—makes all the difference in the work we do.

Time to realign what your brand really stands for behind an insightful brand strategy and fresh, creative platform? It’s what we do best.

Looking to create a new brand identity, banner or print ads, website, or brochure? Projects are our bread-n-butter at Brand Focus. They provide a great way to explore fit and compatibility, too.

Perhaps you’re a design firm principal eager to fortify an existing client relationship? Believe me, there are few better ways to do this than by becoming their valued strategic partner, too. Tom is filling that role with like-minded San Diego creative shops right now.

I hope you’ll stay long enough to check out our portfolio or learn more about our results-oriented, award-winning ways. Thank you again for visiting. I look forward to meeting you soon.