What exactly does Tauten Sports sell? Who are Tauten’s best prospects? What comes to mind first when someone thinks about Tauten or its products? Why does someone “buy Tauten” instead of a competitor’s offering? What is Tauten’s brand personality?

To be a player in the lucrative but competitive bass fishing market, answering these questions and others is critical. Because finding that unique strategic position in which Tauten can differentiate itself can mean the difference between success and failure.

Tauten’s leadership saw the value in our proven BrandFocus process. And it is helping them to shape a strategic foundation for the future—while also providing the blueprint necessary to create Tauten’s new brand identity with purpose and direction.

Can BrandFocus help define more effective messaging? You bet. Can BrandFocus help elevate the power and credibility of your brand? Absolutely. Does BrandFocus work for established brands as well as start-ups? Of course. Just call to learn how.