You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint. Or drive across the country without road maps. Of course not. Yet a surprising number of companies large and small are quick to hire web development or design firms without first giving thought to creating a well-conceived strategic plan of attack. Brand Focus can help.

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How? By helping companies identify brand differentiators and key messaging strategies. By tapping into the minds of customers, employees and other stakeholders to define brand personality. By working to align marketing activities to better support sales goals. And by applying this collective intelligence to transform new, tired or repositioned brands into winners.

Speaking of winners, the ReBrand100 Global Awards—”the first and most respected recognition for repositioned brands”—recognize the value of our approach. Five Brand Focus clients have been honored for strategic and creative excellence in branding internationally:

Our approach to brand strategy is helping local creative firms win business and better serve their clients’ needs.

According to Tom, “Since arriving in America’s finest city in early 2013, I have been fortunate to collaborate with several San Diego creative shops with pretty good results. For example, I co-authored the winning proposals for one well-respected design boutique that resulted in two new clients for the firm!

“The two companies—an established law firm and a growing Christian prep school—are very different. Both were poised to create new marketing materials. But both also recognized the importance of soliciting input from customers, employees and other stakeholders, of positioning their brands against competitors, and of aligning messaging with prospective customer needs. Working side-by-side with the design firm and their new clients, the Brand Focus process produced two well-informed brand strategies that today are successfully guiding creative development of new brand communications. It’s a win-win-win collaboration for all parties.

“Smart brand strategy and inspired creative is a powerful combination. I can’t imagine one without the other. Having led and managed successful brand communication firms myself, I have a pretty good handle on what client success looks like. And how that translates to meet the needs of ambitious creative firms.

“Accordingly, I invite like-minded businesses and fellow creative communications firms to learn more. I suspect we can all help each other—and our respective businesses—in the process”.